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The primary objective of Al Sultan is to satisfy the needs and expectations of our customers by supplying high quality concrete products based on the utilization of modern concrete technology principles and the consistent application of our quality management procedures, by filling our price, production and delivery commitments through continuously updating and developing our production and transport facilities and by expanding our Company activities into new products and system.

We maintain our product quality by adopting the following steps:

  • Best raw materials produced in UAE are used.
  • In house test laboratory continuously monitor quality for products at all stages
  • Acquired "Know How" and continuous training of our staff assures maintained quality.
  • Time to time checking of our products by outside inspectors also enhances the quality products.
  • Exploring new source of raw materials to deliver best possible products at very economical and competitive price to our customers.
  • Production is strictly in accordance with relevant international standards
  • Least wastage/breakage percentage
  • Our Products are certified by all consultants, Abu Dhabi Municipality, PWD, DEFENCE, ADCO, ADNOC etc.